Writing happier endings...

A wee bit about me...

On my 40th birthday, I had my first symptoms of what would be later diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. Most of us are happily minding our own business, working hard at our careers and raising a family, with plans and dreams for the future, until something unexpected arrives; uninvited and unwelcome.

I was a Group Health and Safety Adviser for a multi-disciplinary engineering company when MS struck. I also was a volunteer advanced First Aid Officer, and taught First Aid and Defib Operators courses. 

My mobility became affected, and fatigue and neuropathic pain arrived, as more lesions appeared on my brain and spine. I could no longer do the job I'd worked hard at, and loved so much.

I was devasted.

But we are only given one life, and I made a conscious decision to find something to keep me mentally interested and challenged. I decided to change the two innocuous letters 'M' and 'S' from meaning Multiple Sclerosis, to offering an opportunity to tell 'My Stories.'

Years later, I now have secondary progressive MS, and my promise to myself is that as my physical abilities makes my world smaller, my writing will allow me to create a bigger world, filled with stories. 

I will always try to write happier endings...

Lorraine Johnston

'Later Tartan Gator'

Illustrated by Preston Asevedo.

LTG was my first children's book and it supported funds for two Charites; St.Thomas Community Health Center in New Orleans www.stthomaschc.org in it's 1st edition, and Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance in it's 2nd edition. https://www.scaa.org.uk/

'MacMoley Moves Home' 

Illustrated by Jane Cornwell

MacMoley Moves Home supported the Scottish Wildlife Trust from sales of each copy sold. www.scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk 

'Whit of Whiteleys Wood'

Illustrated by Mandy Sinclair

 I was delighted to write this book and gift it to Whiteleys Retreat, and all proceeds of the sale of this book goes to helping this wonderful Charity. www.whiteleysretreat.com 

The Pocket Anthology

Illustrated by Jane Cornwell

This is a collection of seven short stories from seven contributors, each with their own unique voice, that you can dip into and devour.

One story will take you somewhere and the next will hurl you somewhere entirely different.

Produced from a group of new creative writers, collated and edited by Lorraine Johnston, and gifted to The Friends of Dundonald Castle (SC031541). Copies of the book are available at Dundonald Visitor Centre and online, and 100% of all proceeds go to the charity.  https://dundonaldcastle.org.uk/ 

Copies available at Dundonald Gift Shop and on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pocket-Anthology-Friends-Dundonald-Castle/dp/1739908872/ref=sr_1_1?crid=Z2T1J4H7VTYF&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.R-WMc4MTBCEBMKbiwRvC2ylgDg8ouWHK3qdArZbLkMroYL7i0uJeICKgoBvOkCizgQZ-NoLGNFIX-yi5ZF6QSasnEs6xwJsBUaCrabaZwMeL0emtTbfnNR75gOMUB84h0s58xPVVvBDvVSfkWAlb9XhUXClJ4AO4D-s8oYE8MFuQ6v-TIut0l4WKN2WxbLgJvUdBHXgNK_-p8Lz5E_SkVpzsoAofp14U7z1NlIjp_FM.ldLEleT9SyCoYj6vHIUjNObfPhiMwAmbSnx9KIYQA2w&dib_tag=se&keywords=The+Pocket+Anthology&qid=1720462019&sprefix=the+pocket+anthology%2Caps%2C90&sr=8-1

'Walter's Wonky Web'

Illustrated by Jane Cornwell

WWW is an award winning story of The Scottish Association of Writers and is available at Foggie Toddle Bookshop in Wigtown.


Walter's Wonky Web

Foggie Toddle Edition.

Walter's Wonky Web

Published by Second Sands Publishing