Writer Lorraine Johnston's books deliver giggles and fun on every page!

Later Tartan Gator is a colourful caper about what happens when you eat an unusual lunch! SOLD OUT!

Walter's Wonky Web is a story about a young spider who tries to spin his very first web. Despite them being all wonky, he discovers he is a splendid web designer after all! There are fun facts at the back of the book and even a surprise appearance from a very large critter indeed! £7.99 each and £2 p&p

MacMoley Moves Home is an earthy adventure about a mole who has far too much stuff. He decides to move home and meets some furry friends along the way. There is a surprise at where he ends up, followed by some fun facts about Moles. There is also information about where you can purchase a hand felted MacMoley Collectable (Pictured below) £1 from each sale is donated to the Scottish Wildlife Trust. £7.99 each plus £2 p&p

Whit of Whiteleys Wood is a story about a Long-eared owl that gets herself in a bit of a pickle! A furry and feathery tale of friendship and courage where all the woodland creatures help Whit feel like a very special owl indeed. Each book is £9.95 and 100% of all proceeds are donated to Whiteleys Retreat. Whiteleys Retreat provides free therapeutic short breaks for children, young people and their families with cancer or other life altering illness. £9.95 plus £2 p&p

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Jock - my editor!

Finding the real character of my book!

Bloopers! It's not always easy to read out loud! Take 3!

Bloopers! Take 4! (Sideways)

'Later Tartan Gator


'MacMoley Moves Home' £7.99 (£1 to Charity)

'Whit of Whiteleys Wood' £9.95 (100% to Charity)

Walter's Wonky Web

£7.99 plus £2 UK postage.