Writer Lorraine Johnston's books deliver giggles and fun on every page!

Later Tartan Gator is a colourful caper about what happens when you eat an unusual lunch! SOLD OUT!

Walter's Wonky Web is a story about a young spider who tries to spin his very first web. Despite them being all wonky, he discovers he is a splendid web designer after all! There are fun facts at the back of the book and even a surprise appearance from a very large critter indeed!  £7.99 each.

MacMoley Moves Home is an earthy adventure about a mole who has far too much stuff. He decides to move home and meets some furry friends along the way. There is a surprise at where he ends up, followed by some fun facts about Moles. There is also information about where you can purchase a hand felted MacMoley Collectable (Pictured below) £1 from each sale is donated to the Scottish Wildlife Trust.  £7.99 each.

Whit of Whiteleys Wood is a story about a Long-eared owl that gets herself in a bit of a pickle! A furry and feathery tale of friendship and courage where all the woodland creatures help Whit feel like a very special owl indeed. Each book is £9.95 and 100% of all proceeds are donated to Whiteleys Retreat. Whiteleys Retreat provides free therapeutic short breaks for children, young people and their families with cancer or other life altering illness. £9.95 available directly from the charity 'Whiteleys Retreat.' 


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Jock - my editor!

Finding the real character of my book!

Bloopers! It's not always easy to read out loud! Take 3!

Bloopers! Take 4! (Sideways)

'Later Tartan Gator

 Currently sold out.

'MacMoley Moves Home' 

Currently sold out.

'Whit of Whiteleys Wood' £9.95 (100% to Charity)

Walter's Wonky Web

£6.99 available from Foggie Toddle Bookshop in Wigtown.

Walter's Wonky Web

Foggie Toddle Edition.

Walter's Wonky Web

Published by Second Sands Publishing